Morning Coffee at the Makedonia Palace Hotel


Morning Coffee at the Makedonia Palace Hotel
By Maria Athanasopoulou

The elegant Makedonia Palace Hotel is undoubtedly one of the top places to stay when visiting the beautiful and historic city of Thessaloniki. Built on the city’s promenade, this recently renovated luxury hotel is especially popular for its chic décor as well as for its wonderful sea views over the Thermaic (Thermaikos) Gulf.

But there’s much more to this stunning hotel than simply its great views and many attractive design elements. The Makedonia Palace Hotel in fact offers an exceptionally high level of service to its guests… which should come as no surprise given its status as one of the finest five-star hotels in Thessaloniki.

On a recent visit, I decided I wanted to enjoy a Makedonia Palace Hotel morning coffee, my first of the day, at this exquisite hotel. I’d also heard so much about the hotel’s high-attention to customer service and quality that I thought I should also sample these for myself. And, of course, the first coffee of the day is always extremely important to me, as it clearly marks the beginning of the new day.

A Warm Welcome… and Great Coffee

Although cloudy, the morning was warm enough for me to sit outside and enjoy my Makedonia Palace Hotel morning coffee on the property’s large terrace. I’m glad I did, as from here I had the chance to enjoy the view of the pool area and over the sea. The scene around me was serene, and because it was still very early in the morning, I was alone, and could enjoy the deep silence in peace.

Macedonia Palace Hotel morning coffee with fresh biscuits

Morning coffee and fresh biscuits… delicious!

I couldn’t have been waiting more than a few minutes before the waitress approached me with a warm and friendly smile, and welcomed me. I asked her to bring me a hot coffee, and while I waited I had time to check my cell phone for news on Facebook, an easy task thanks to the hotel’s free (and very fast) Wi-Fi.

The coffee came quickly, and I appreciated the great care taken by the waitress as she served me. A nice touch was the fact it was accompanied by fresh biscuits, something I hadn’t expected, but certainly appreciated. Another nice touch was the inclusion of a ‘sweet spoon’ (basically, crystalized sugar on a stick) to sweeten the coffee if I so desired – a very old Greek tradition that many tourists also enjoy (and something that, in the past, housewives would make and present when entertaining guests).

The image of the coffee with the ‘sweet spoon’ instantly awakened in my heart so many wonderful memories of my own family, and filled my heart with warmth… it really did make me feel good, and very welcome!

Everything about my morning coffee experience – intended to be a simple detour before starting my day – was exceptional and out of the ordinary. From the high-quality utensils used to the exquisite taste of the coffee and the deliciously crisp biscuits, I was in heaven… even more so as I savoured the sugar from my ‘sweet spoon’, which I tasted slowly, with half-closed eyes, enjoying every bite!

It certainly was a wonderful morning coffee, and for the duration of my stay – I have to confess I wasn’t in a hurry – I felt extremely welcome, and unrushed. In fact, the whole wonderful experience left me feeling as spoiled as royalty. Another perfect day had begun!

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Maria Athanasopoulou is Founder of Respond on Demand, a company promoting Greek tourism to travel agents abroad and co-founder of Top Tourism , a non-profit company promoting Greek tourism and culture. She is also ambassador for Greece to the World Food Travel Association.





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