Mavri Thalassa – Superb Dining in Thessaloniki


Mavri Thalassa – Superb Dining in Thessaloniki

By Maria Athanasopoulou

Whenever I decide to go out for a meal, I am always very careful when it comes time to choose a restaurant. For me, to dine outside – alfresco – has always been a favourite experience. And, of course, I like to make sure each and every time that I find somewhere I can be confident will introduce me to exciting new culinary delights.

Mavri Thalassa fresh seafood on plate

Always fresh seafood at Mavri Thalassa

One such restaurant I have discovered – and one which really deserves a visit if you find yourself in this part of Greece – is the superb Mavri Thalassa (Black Sea) restaurant in Thessaloniki. As its name suggests, this excellent fish restaurant is located right next to the sea, and every time I visit the place is beautiful, tidy and neat, and spotlessly clean.

The first time I ventured in – the restaurant had been recommended by numerous friends – I found myself really looking forward to trying and tasting new flavors. I did not, of course, even begin to imagine the attention to detail and drive for perfection that the restaurant’s owner, Mr Tokidis, has for authentic tastes and flavours, though this passion is very much evident when you sample the restaurant’s many superb dishes.

The excellent flavours you’ll experience at Mavri Thalassa are the result of many factors. First of all, the quality of the ingredients is key, and something which is not negotiable here. The focus is on providing guests with the very best ingredients, something that becomes very evident as you review the menu and discuss the many fresh options with your server (they’ll reassure you that they use nothing but the best here).

The second important element is the way that the ingredients are prepared and cooked, something that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Fortunately for those who enjoy delicious food, you will find both of these elements in the recipes served at Mavri Thalassa. Mr Tokidis has a great deal of experience and skill honed over many years, and he certainly loves what he does – something that you’ll come to realize serves as the best guarantee for the very special food which he and his staff serve.

First-rate Quality at Mavri Thalassa

Finally, it is also very important for me how each dish is served. A little flourish and flare go a very long way, and demonstrate just how seriously the staff and the owners take their profession, and their clients. These seemingly minor steps are often overlooked in some restaurants, which is a shame. But they are definitely not overlooked at the Mavri Thalassa. From the quality of the dishes to their presentation, it’s clear diners’ needs and opinions are respected, and their appetites satisfied.

Mavri Thalassa

Desserts to die for…

Whatever items you choose from the extensive menu, you’re guaranteed not to be disappointed.

Based on my favourite items on the menu – along with recommendations from the very friendly and knowledgeable wait staff – I ended up sampling a variety of some of the most popular dishes. These included a delicious sole fillet with oil and lemon; a delectable crab salad; fresh white taramas (a delicacy that’s not easy to find outside of Greece); an eggplant salad; and, to top it all, an incredible grilled calamari.

The verdict? Each and every mouthful was bursting with flavor, the tastes (and fragrances!) were truly authentic. Everything was excellent, the food perfectly cooked and very tasty. My first impressions were definitely correct: everything I tried was excellent!

The Mavri Thalassa restaurant is undoubtedly an excellent choice of restaurant, whether you live in the area or are visiting Thessaloniki. Thanks to its owner’s love for authenticity and excellent traditional flavours, this restaurant truly stands out – and deservedly so – as one of the best seafood restaurants anywhere in Greece.

To conclude, a visit to Mavri Thalassa is a must-do when in Greece. Spending time in this restaurant is a truly unforgettable experience, and one which I highly recommend.

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Maria Athanasopoulou is Founder of Respond on Demand, a company promoting Greek tourism to travel agents abroad and co-founder of Top Tourism , a non-profit company promoting Greek tourism and culture. She is also ambassador for Greece to the World Food Travel Association.





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