Touring and Tasting at the Gerovassiliou Wine Museum


Touring and Tasting at the Gerovassiliou Wine Museum
By Maria Athanasopoulou

Gerovassiliou Wine Museum interior with wine artifacts

Touring the wine museum is a must-do experience

Located in Epanomi, about half an hour from the center of Thessaloniki, the Gerovassiliou Wine Museum is one of the top attractions in this beautiful region of Greece. It’s also one of my favourite museums, and I always make sure I recommend it to travelers, and often will take visitors there myself.

The first time I visited, I could hardly contain my curiosity and couldn’t wait to see the exhibits, as the museum belongs to the very same family that has been producing Greek wine on this site for many years. The Gerovassilíou family are very well known across the country, and the wines they produce sell well and are popular in many countries around the world.

The Gerovassilíou Wine Museum is a truly exceptional venue and well worth a visit, and is as good as many other such museums found elsewhere in Europe. Here you’ll have the opportunity to see and learn a lot of interesting things from the world of wine and winemaking, including the tools of viticulture, the bottling process, and storage.


Wine Sampling Included

Gerovassiliou Wine Museum ancient glass bottles

Original ancient Greek glass bottles

I was particularly impressed by the museum’s large collection of bottle openers and corkscrews which, I was informed, is one of the largest in the world. If available, be sure to take advantage of one of their guided tours, which will provide a unique insight into the region’s fascinating wine growing history.

For me, this visit was a first-rate opportunity to get to learn exciting new things about something I have enjoyed for many years: great wine! And it is all done in a fun and informative approach to education through the museum’s many artifacts, as well as a chance to see for yourself the process of producing and bottling the wine.

After spending plenty of time in the museum, I also had the opportunity to enjoy a glass of white wine accompanied by tasty cheese in a very beautiful area that was designed specifically for this purpose. I thoroughly enjoyed this delicious treat as I reflected on the amazing and precious gift wine is not just to Greece, but to the world.

Stin ygeiá sas!

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Maria Athanasopoulou is Founder of Respond on Demand, a company promoting Greek tourism to travel agents abroad and co-founder of Top Tourism , a non-profit company promoting Greek tourism and culture. She is also ambassador for Greece to the World Food Travel Association.




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